​​​PUPPY MILL CRUELTY CASE IN STRAUSBERG PA.....How we are helping.   The SPCA on Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, PA raided a puppy mill (see story) went in for a second time to pull dogs living in horribly neglectful conditions and dogs were found with missing eyeballs and legs.   Focus on Homeless Animals took in two of these dogs and are working with both Lexi and Lilly to regain their trust in humans.  Puppy mill dogs are frightened of people after suffering abuse in unspeakable filthy conditions and more.  They do love animals and will respond positively toward dogs and even cats.  

CALL TO ACTION........If you would like to shut this mill down, please be a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves by contacting Travis Hess, Department of Agriculture, 2301 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110 or call his office at 717-805-3442.

SAFE AT LAST.....Lilly in Lexi in foster care with one of our volunteers.  Can you see the fear in their eyes?  

HOW CAN YOU HELP?   Please hit the donate button below for Lilly and Lexi and/or any other pet you would like to sponsor.   Thank you.   

      From Shelter Dogs to Sheltered Dogs!


We believe that homeless companion animals are not disposable.  We expect anyone adopting our pets to make a lifetime commitment to that pet.  This commitment includes proper shelter, nutritious and balanced foods, preventing obesity in animals, taking care of their medical needs and Positive Humane Dog Training.

Behavioral interventions help address issues before they become insurmountable and the owner wants to give the dog up.


Companion homeless animals remain in need of the kindness of a human hand.   Providing a temporary home for homeless pets to live in, helps our organization to remove them from the animal shelter while allowing us to learn more about the pet living in a home environment.  We are then able to give the most accurate details of our observation of the pet in the home, which helps us to find the best match for that pet's needs and temperament.  We pay all expenses, you provide the TLC and continued socialization.If you cannot foster, please spread our message of need on your Facebook Page or any other way you can.     To learn more please call: 267-293-0422.

Our Philosophy