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wee wee pads dogs

dog food (no corn or sugar)

dog harness

dog leashes

cat litter

cat food

litter boxes


If you would like to make a difference, utilize your talents and skills, enjoy being around pets, all the while making new friends, then please visit our volunteer page from the menu and sign up.   We need all types of help. Foster Homes are on the top of the list.

 You can call our office at 267-293-0422 if you have any questions.


The journey of homeless animals can include standard medical care, advanced medical evaluations and possibly even surgery. An example of a very difficult case listed  below is an 8 month old pit bull mix that had a deformation in his two hind legs.   We pulled King from ACCT/Philly, found funding for his surgery, and found him a wonderful home with Dr. Glenn DeBias and his wife Jeanne.

We are also dedicated to homeless animals that may need behavioral interventions.  Click "Sheps' Journey" from the menu bar to learn more.   Not all homeless animals need to be rehabilitated.  Many are ready to be adopted as is.



Re-homing a pet is done through our adoption process.  There is a lot of work that goes into this process.  This year we are charging a $10 fee to process applications that will be included in your adoption fee.  Adoption fees are not donations since you are getting a pet in exchange for the adoption fee.   Donations are tax-deductible financial or other gifts you make without receiving anything from our organization.  

Special needs animals:

 Puppy Mill rescues

 Kittens - food, litter, medicines, alters

 Animals that need surgery 

Spay or Neuter surgery

Your tax deductible check can be sent to: P.O. Box 24, Solebury, PA   18963


Focus on Homeless Animals exists to rescue homeless pets.  We collaborate with animal shelters to find unwanted or displaced pets find a new home.   The animal shelters are the first to receive these pets as they are  Open Admissions Shelter and have a building where pets can be dropped off.   As animal rescue partners, our organization will receive notice of pets in need.   Together with the shelter, we are working toward a no-kill solution.   We need resources which include a lifesaving temporary home for the pet; and funding to take care of basic and/or emergency needs.   Moving, getting married, new baby, illness, death of a family member are just some of the reasons pets are relinquished.   If you have a pet you can no longer keep, call our office at 267-293-0422 to learn if at that time we can help you.  If we cannot, we may be able to make a referral for you.

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