Shep had leash reactivity issues when meeting dogs on a walk. Thanks to Michael and Jamie Badial of Best Paw Forward, for boarding and training Shep and being his advocates. Update on Shep:  Focus on Homeless Animals paid to have Shep's hip operated on and one of our volunteer angels, Nancy Albence helped us to meet costs.  Shep needed an FHO which is a surgery that removes the hip bone and allows scar tissue to heal over the joint and thus maintain the joint's integrity.   After the surgery, Shep went for more training with Pete Marciano of Bark Busters,  because Jamie and Michael had just become new parents.   Pete also worked with Shep and taught him some more boundaries.  Today Shep is living large with his new owner Beverly (seen on left) and is so happy.  Beverly has been giving Shep lots of love and attention which he deserves. We went to visit Shep recently and he is happy in his new home. 

                           "Lots of people talk to animals.....not many listen, though......That's the problem"     Benjamin Huff  (The Tao of Pooh)
Shep's Journey.....

If you have a dog you intend to give up and have not yet utilized a positive humane dog trainer, please stop and read this article. Shep's journey is proof that dogs can be rehabilitated.   If you have adopted a dog, please remember that initially the dog may be fine, but eventually there may be a behavior that needs intervention.  Allowing the dog to continue the behavior will result in escalation of problems thus leading to the decision to relinquish  the dog or euthanize him.  Since we offer no-kill solutions, we know that with time, commitment, and love dogs can be taught different ways to cope in our human world.​

Dog Training -  Listen to the Dog  

                                                  "lots of people talk to animals" said Pooh"

                                                   Maybe, but...."

                                                   Not very many listen, though he said.

Shep and Beverly are pictured here:

Positive Humane Dog Training, patience, love, and commitment allowed Shep to go from a dog that couldn't be next to a dog to a happy and more confident dog.  Here is Shep with one of Pete's dog's Blaze.