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Contact Information

​Please indicate in the comments section what type of volunteer tasks you would be interested in.  We need help with adoption days, transporting animals, administrative work, home visits, fundraising, and temporary foster care for all types of pets.    Also, list your availability.   Once this application is submitted, we will contact you.

1. Transport us out of the shelter
2. Transport us to a veterinarian, groomer, or foster home
3. Conduct Home Visits
4. Take us to an adoption day
5. Take us to a community event
6. Hang up a flyer so we can get adopted
7. Be an adoption counselor
8. Help raise money for our needs
9. Help raise money for our no-kill animal refuge
10. Recruit new volunteers who can help us
11. Help get the word out about our need for foster homes
12. Help with administrative work
13. Take us to a pet training class
14. Walk us around town
15. Learn simple ways to fundraise
16. Bring us home for a weekend
17. Be a Adoption Coordinator
18. Place ads for us
19. Work on our newsletter
20. Get involved!



Although animal rescue work can be rewarding and enjoyable, it requires a serious commitment on the part of volunteers not only to the animals, but to the volunteer members.   Because animal rescue requires a team effort, we must depend on each other a great deal.  Thank you for your interest in helping our organization.